Allodi-R is a select shop located in the heart of Tokyo. Specialized in imported
and vintage clothing, this boutique is presented in a contemporary theme,
which compliments the clothing selected by Rudy Cohen. Allodi-R follows
the concept of the Wochdom shop in Paris and its black colour theme. The
design project for Allodi-R was somewhat paradoxically given to Loïc de
Tonge, who usually uses colour as a key component in his designs. Here he
has played with this contradiction to employ the density of black whilst
emphasizing its radiant and luminous qualities.
(The facade)
Along the front of the shop stands a broad window with an overhanging
canopy. To the passers-by it seems as if the boutique itself acts as a framed
work of art. To the side of the window; we enter the world of Allodi-R through
a door that seems to link the visitor into another time. Inside materials work
in light and dark contrasts, from the gray anthracite to the intense black of
the ground floor. The whiteness of the staircase overhung with a grand
chandelier dominates the entrance and leads up to the 2nd floor.
(Light and display)
Low-level lighting seems to break the display furniture loose from the
concrete floor and leaves it suspended in space. This effect of weightlessness
is reinforced by the blurred line of clothes rails attached to fine wires, which
run along the walls and are filled with the clothes on display. Direct spotlights
detach the clothes from the rear black wall and seem to place them on stage.
A pink light that glows from vertical neon bulbs and horizontal Plexiglas
provides a graphical attention.

Here in Allodi-R, Loïc de Tonge knows how to reveal the shops contrasting
characters and uses tongue in cheek undertones to marry different themes. In
the vintage area, retro and modern styles are brought together. Visually the
space is accentuated with inverted surfaces and colored zones. The graphic
effects of light and touches of colors both radiate in this space helping to create
Allodi-R’s unique identity. At the same time a visitor is both a spectator and actor
in a world that changes between glam-rock and luminescent minimalism.


105 m2


Aout 2005