Real estate agency


Space Live 2 has been created with an off-street entrance. A small corridor leads
along the side of the shop leaving the front façade to create maximum impact.
Constructed with long horizontal slats of suspended wood, giving an almost
floating effect, the façade is designed to allow light to enter but at the same time
hide the interior to the outside world. Finally, a large overhanging blind in black
fabric sets a perfect contrast to the façade.
Inside, the design themes from Space Live 1 are recreated using oak and
aluminium. However, on this occasion the materials are used in an opposite way to create a subtler feeling in this longer narrow space. The building’s existing pillars enhance the character of the supporting wall. Made from aluminium panels, this reflective wall opens up the space and evenly disperses light with an effect that underlines this creative design. Reflected light is projected so that the counter top and flooring appear suspended and merged into one with a sense of
weightlessness. Inviting small glimpses of the interior are seen through the
façade’s linear slats of wood. Orange chairs and green wall provide punctuated
touches of acid colour amongst the peaceful neutral tones.
In both of the Space Live projects, the materials are designed to work together
with a strong, contrasting dialogue. Each one accentuates the quality of the other,
opposite but complimentary, like Yin and Yang. The buffed aluminium retains light like the surface of a pearl and the oak provides a sense reassuring solidity. Light and colour are used in a powerful combination. The design aims to enhance the sense of converging perspective with contrasting materials separating the spaces.
Loic de Tonge has created a truly original concept where the two spaces work
together to echo each other’s qualities.


40 m2


Décembre 2004


Takumi Kougei


real estate agency