Real estate agency


With the intention of creating a stylish and unified theme, Space Live set out to
renovate their two real-estate agencies located in Aoyama. Based in the heart of
Tokyo a region renowned for fashion boutiques and luxurious city apartments, a
perfect setting for a modern elite driven design concept. Loic de Tonge has created an eye-catching theme of oak and buffed aluminium.
Space Live 1
From the street, a full floor to ceiling glass frontage highlighting the flat screen
computer monitors within, all of which produce eye-catching movements of light,
meets the visitor or passer by. The passer by is then drawn along the glass window into the inviting ambiance and warm atmosphere.
As you step inside, two contrasting but complimentary materials combine
perfectly to create a simple and dynamic harmony in this tranquil horizontal space.
Wood and metal resonate together, with sensual, warm and natural qualities being reflected in the cool buffed surface of the aluminium. Modern lighting with
glowing filaments built into the wooden panels on the far wall contrast the buffed
aluminium counter top along one side. Working together they accentuate the
visual harmony and sense of perspective in this simple space. Dark grey chairs,
arranged in pairs and highlighted in front of a white glass panel, face the rear
partition wall. In a separation of public and private areas, this wall stops the eye
and becomes the final focal point with a density of chocolate colour.
These converging lines along each side of the shop have a magnetic quality,
creating an effect of opposing tension and symmetry. Perspective and elegance is
punctuated by ergonomic and simple lighting.




Décembre 2015


real estate agency